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Spookalicious Halloween

Halloween is around the corner and you know what that means right? It’s time to get that perfect costume, sort out the home décor, formalize the menu and get to the shops to buy bags of sweets for the visiting peeps. But, most importantly, it’s time to start thinking about how you want to party on this special celebratory day which is growing in popularity in South Africa.

There are a number of special events planned in Durban this Halloween, from the annual uShaka Marine World Halloween event where you can trick or treat and then watch their very special Halloween production featuring the parks much loved dolphins on 28th and 29th, or why not head down to Royal Natal Yacht Club’s Scary with a Bang special Halloween Guy Fawkes special event on 4th November.


But for those of you planning to have a special party at home and throwing that perfect Halloween get-together, My Chef and Blue Strawberry Caterers have some fun ideas to share.

When hosting a special kids Halloween party, the trick here is not to scare them into the afterlife. Include some fun classic party games; show an age appropriate Halloween movie, such as Ghostbusters 2, Monsters Inc., Adams Family or even Casper the friendly ghost. Set up an outdoor cinema complete with hay-bale seating or just picnic blankets and maybe show the movie under the stars in the garden.

However, Halloween isn’t just for the kiddos. If you’re looking to host an adults-only Halloween bash this year, spook your guests with bewitchingly delicious recipes and dining décor.


For the formal sit-down events, where tables are fully set with centerpieces, try incorporating some ghoulish Halloween or fun settings into your arrangement. For example, classic white roses can be adorned with black snakes, centipedes, and spiders to create a creepy yet elegant arrangement.  If ghoul is not your thing, then add colourful leaves, fruit or vegetables like calabash trees and apples to your arrangement. Even small bones (i.e. dog treats), plastic severed hands, mini broomsticks or witches hats, are other ideas to spook things up a bit.

We’re all about the spirit of Halloween, but it’s also about the nosh, and even though blood curdling, gross looking food makes for great pictures, none of us actually want to eat something that resembles human body parts.

My Chef has created some really tasty treats on their menu and can be ordered from www.mychef.co.za

  • Sweet Sorcery – 12 bit size pumpkin pies topped with toasted pumpkin seeds
  • Vampire Deterrents – 12 crumbed white mushrooms stuffed with gorgonzola chesse, drenched in garlic and parsley butter
  • Beastly Bites – 12 crumbed chicken drumettes basted in homemade peri-peri
  • Hunted Hog Pies – 8 mini puff pastry pies filled with sweet, tender and sticky Pork Rib meat
  • Creepy Crawly cocoons – 8 crisp phyllo pastry wrapped prawns, marinated in Lemon Zest and Herbs
  • Witches Warts – 8 seriously cheesy crumbed jalapeno cheese poppers
  • Monster Munchies – 8 Biltong and Cheese samosas bursting with filling


So for that perfect Halloween party, don’t sweat over the stove creating a menu to die for, contact My Chef and to get Halloween menu items delivered to your door where all you have to do is heat, assemble and eat. For more information call them on 0315791463 for more information.

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