Dinner for toddlers – take some time off!

“Mess, fuss, sugar and salt, bread, egg and milk, milk, milk…” this is what sums up my toddlers dinner experience on a daily basis – not healthy at all – except for the messing, that to me is a healthy part of learning about food!

Not sure about any other parents to toddlers, but I find that trying to get my 16 month old to eat anything, not just meat and veggies, and besides bread, milk and egg, is a struggle every evening, apart from the fact that you find salt and sugar in most quick and easy-to make meals that is appropriate for little ones.

Eden is very active and loves to play and run around. He is now getting used to the routine of coming home, watching mommy cook dinner in the kitchen, eating then bathing and getting ready for bed with a limited amount of bonding time. It is also so easy for me to put him in front of the TV whilst I cook, because I am stuck in the kitchen. Sound familiar?

I needed to make a change – not only to increase my time with my little one, but to ensure that he is also getting a balanced meal. There are also times when my husband and I order a fast food meal to save time, which is terrible for Eden’s small body – so I needed to find an alternative.

I was advised to try My Chef – the online shop that offers ready-made fresh meals with no preservatives which taste delicious and are made in conjunction with registered Dietician, Julie Thomas – so I know that they are good for me and my growing child.

The process of My Chef is so convenient. All I did was search www.mychef.co.za and select the menu for the day I wanted my meals to be delivered – I ordered from the Friday menu on a Tuesday. Then I chose from the selection of kiddies’ meals that I wanted Eden to try and paid via electronic funds transfer and that was it! My food was delivered in a few days – fresh and to my door.

The first time Eden tried the Kiddies Chicken Lasagne (R30), which combines real chicken fillet, onions, garlic, tomato, vegetables, herbs, stock, flour, cornflour, dairy cream alternative and egg pasta, he was pointing and saying “nana” – so I know he was ready to munch – must have been the delicious aroma.

I also happened to give the lasagne a try and it really tasted just like I would make it, but instead of slaving over the stove it cut my cooking time down to only 3 minutes in the microwave.

The other meal I managed to get Eden to try was the Kiddies Fish Mornay (R25) – a creamy mild fish pie, topped with mash which literally takes 3-5 minutes in the microwave. It includes real non-processed fish, onions, garlic, celery, carrots, potato, dairy cream alternative, cheddar cheese, flour and cornflour and is so tasty – Yes, I tried some of this as well! Generally, I find that it is difficult to get this little picky eater to eat any kind of meat, but My Chef makes it so delicious that he asks for more – and I am incredibly happy as he is now putting on healthy weight and sleeping longer. Yay for me!

My Chef has honestly made such a difference to my bonding time. He is enjoying food more and looks forward to playing with mom after a full day of crèche. Another bonus is that I am now also able to get Eden to sleep at 19h30 and not at 21h00, as he was becoming used to.

Things at home have definitely changed for the better! You should really try My Chef if you want quality family time as well as delicious food. Two for the price of one – that’s how I see it!

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