Pap-nut for pap

This past weekend was Braai Day across the country. There’s no doubt that braais are awesome times in bringing friends and family together, but they are forever “pap”. The braai holiday is over, the braais will now continue on their own, at different households across, at every other weekend across the country. Especially as we head towards the festive season.


Let us closely look at the second main important part of a braai…pap. (This term has many meanings and is used to describe a food item, as well as a rating system for your overall braai).


As a food item I guess it’s the versions of “pap-ness” that makes a braai…a braai. For instance, some are medium-rare mageu or porridge like. Some pap is so hard that it can be used in the construction industry as high strength cement… and some are just too “pap” to be called pap in the first place.


With the help of my better-half…this is how she made her version of pap. For me it’s the pap I can stomach any day…no pun intended.





* Mealie meal

* Mixed vegetables (corn, peas, carrot combo)

* Aromat

* Margarine



Add a quarter cup of mixed vegetables to the pot

Add margarine and aromat

Saute for 5 minutes over medium heat

Add boiling water and allow the ingredients to simmer

Add 1/2 cup mealie meal

Stir with egg whisk to avoid lumps

Cover the pot, allow to cook for 10 minutes

Add 2/3 cup of mealie meal to the pot

Mix well with the wooden spoon

Cover for 15 – 20 minutes

Use wooden spoon to stir and move from the heat


Relish Ingredients:

Canned tomatoes

Finely chopped onions mix

Crushed garlic

Cooking oil






Add onions, garlic, herbs to a pan

Add oil

Saute over medium heat until soft

Add salt and peppercorns

Once golden brown, add tomatoes and sugar

Stir and cover the pan

Allow them to cook until tomatoes are soft

Once they are cooked, take off the heat


Braai pap and relish are ready to be servedmy-chef-food

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