MyChef Is A Game Changer

Meredith Haywood August the 3rd, 2016


I’m not a bad cook – not at all! In fact, I like to think I’m quite good at it – mostly.  But what really gets me about the daily grind and everyday cooking is that I have to plan it, and buy it, and then cook it after a really hectic day filled with other things – and let’s be honest, I don’t think anyone likes cooking every day.  I can think of a million things I’d much rather do than slave in the kitchen.  Free time is rare in my life – modern life. These days cooking is a real schlep, especially when you’ve just gotten home from a jam packed crazy day.

So I’ve been trying out MyChef – a dinner delivery service here in Durban.  They prepare and deliver delicious heat and eat, assemble and cook, easy bake, and yummy treats as well as essentials twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays.  I’m not a huge fan of ready-meals at all – so this was quite the experiment indeed!  But I have actually been blown away!

I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I am now addicted. I’m addicted to choosing my dinners for the week and just stashing them in my fridge when they arrive – I don’t have to think. I just open the fridge, pick something and serve yummy dinners.  The variety is awesome, and we’ve been eating stuff I would never have thought to make, like beef florentine and divine pork mustard seed stroganoff – yes really!

I’m astonished at how affordable it actually is – because you really don’t need to worry about anything else. MyChef delivers bread and milk – all the sides you can think of, kiddies meals (which come in handy for a five year old diva who doesn’t eat anything) and they even do banting!  To add the cherry on top – MyChef also does desserts, puddings, roti’s and lots of other special things.  My new fave is their “Feed Four For R150” on Tuesdays, which I will be sampling soon!  I just can’t even believe how much my life has changed! I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

So far I have fallen absolutely head over heals in love with the convenience of MyChef – Our whole household has become a calmer place, and I am quite sure I’m a nicer person too!

In the two weeks since I started this experiment, we have had;

  • Beef Florentine (amazing, and different with the phyllo crust and delicious saucy beef filling with spinach – it almost fooled the kids)
  • Ready Roast Chicken, with veggies and potatoes (this really was my favourite meal so far – the stuffing was delicious, the gravy amazing, and it made it look like I really have my life together putting a plate of food out like that on a Friday night – all balanced diet-ey and stuff lol)
  • Lunchtime treats of chicken and mushroom quiche – really people! (This quiche though… I could eat it every day, but then I’d be fat so…)
  • Chicken Lasagne (it was really a very satisfying meal – I added garlic and parmesan – because we are full on flavour folks)
  • Pork and Mustard Seed Stroganoff (it comes as just the sauce, and made for a yummy dinner with rice!)
  • Beef Mince Pies Made for a super Sunday supper (I just looooove the pastry on these!)
  • And then of course – the delightfully soul food-ey Pear and Cranberry crumble… Perfect for a chilly evening!

Beef Florentine – Literally Just a few minutes in the oven and I look like a pro!

Pear & Cranberry Crumble: Yummy to the max! and just what we needed with this chilly weather

Ready Roast Chicken Supper: This was a big surprise, the roast came with all the trimmings and a wonderful stuffing! I’m hungry just thinking about it!

Beef Mince Pies: So simple yet absolutely delicious – proper soul food! The 5 Year old loved these!

I can’t wait to enjoy more easy food and free time! It’s my new favourite thing I tell you! Change the way you do dinner – check out


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