Our “All White” Christmas Dinner – Written by: Penelope Kirkland Radio DJ at Megazone Hit Radio

A compact surprise parcel of Christmas delights arrived at MegaZone Hit Radio compliments of My Chef…one look and I knew it was going to change lives and catapult us into some serious Christmas spirit!

The “All-In-One” package (serves 4) had an entire Christmas feast all prepped and ready.  Everything one can think of…sliced & diced vegetables, cheese sauce, turkey, gravy, glazed gammon and wait for it…EGGNOG!!

I and a group of chickies – decided to go all out and celebrate the upcoming festive season.  With the package needing to be devoured within 5 days…we were quick to plan an evening that promised to get merry!

 It was the most fun to discover the surprises within the package from MyChef…and being someone who doesn’t spend a great deal of time in the kitchen…it was my kind of dinner party – more time chatting and sipping on wine as opposed to stressing in the kitchen.  It has got to be the most efficient, hassle free dinner I have ever done! 

Thank you My Chef for this incredible treat and for showing me how easy it can be to host a dinner party. 


DSC_3378_logo DSC_3371_logo christmas4 christmas3 christmas2 christmas1

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