My Chef for the Fitness Fanatic! Submitted by Lynette Ward

I live by the saying, “You have one body, make it last” which is the slogan for the fitness programme I recently competed in.

As a 48 year old woman, I was tired of being overweight and needed a new body image to make me feel better about myself.

I competed in my first Fit4Life Challenge in 2014 and was hooked on improving my fitness levels and keeping it up. After completing my second 8 week challenge, I lost 3.15 kg’s and 31cm’s and now only have 8.1% body fat and tied in first place for Miss Physique Fit4Life Challenge 11 this year!

As the fitness fanatic that I am, I roped my husband into Challenge 11 and he did extremely well, losing 10.06 kg’s, 23.6 cm’s and currently has only 6.9% body fat. He also took second place in the Best Transformation category – which is a great achievement for him!

As a wife, mother, grandmother and full time employee, having to juggle work, family time and gym during the week is demanding and takes its toll on my diet.

With our training schedule we were given a portion control diet with a menu that included only selected food items. I found it very difficult to adjust to the menu at first, but learned to eat less with more protein-rich foods and what made it easier for me was the fact that there was a place I could find tasty foods that were not only convenient and affordable, but also fit into the ‘fitness friendly’ menu.

I was introduced to My Chef by my daughter and fell in love with the delicious taste and ease in which I was able to prepare my meals – not to mention that it gets delivered straight to my door, so the time I would normally use to shop was used to connect with my two grandsons, who are both 10 months old.

As a requirement of the menu, we live on salad or vegetables and one protein every night. I like to alternate between chicken, beef fillet or fish. We choose one night in the week to include carbs, so usually on a Friday night we will include a health roll or brown rice onto the plate.

I decided to try My Chef during my fitness challenge and when I logged on for the first time, it was simple and easy to browse and add items to my cart. For the first week, I chose Chicken Fillet Italian Herb, Beef Fillet Steak, Cauliflower Mash, Tossed Green Salad, Brown Rice Chicken, Lentil & Feta Salad and Chicken Strips with Lemon and Herb which I mixed and matched for every night of the week and with the larger portions provided by My Chef, I was able to have food for a few days, so dinner for the entire week was sorted.

Then for the rest of the weeks, I ordered something else which worked well within our budget and diet!

Thank to My Chef, I am able to work out and get home to a quick and easy to prepare meal that still has all the health benefits. I am now living a fit and healthy life and even have more time to spend with my family!

Here is my transformation after 8 weeks:

Lynette Ward

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