My Chef saves the day – The adventure that is Moving House…and Office! Written By: Michelle Williams

You heard about some of the biggest stresses of life – well according to the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale they are:
Death of a spouse: 100 / Divorce: 73 / Marital separation: 65 / Imprisonment: 63 / Death of a close family member: 63 / Personal injury or illness: 53 / Marriage: 50 / Dismissal from work 47 / Marital reconciliation: 45 / Retirement: 45
Well…This lot obviously didn’t take into account moving house and office …. Try doing it together. Not only did I manage to have over 150 boxes of belongings to move, but it happened on two consecutive days – hell man what was I thinking? Not only that, but thanks to Telkom – better known as “Hellkom” these days – they switched me off ten days prior to my office move – and responded with an “Oops sorry that was a mistake” – have you ever!! Anyway I digress.
Never mind all the above stress – what do you do when you have no food – the fridge is empty – now I have an extended family – two children, granny, husband, bird, cat, tortoise – they all need feeding!!!!
I have never been one to look at home cooked meal deliveries or take outs and I thought it was much of a muchness until Gran told me she had gone on line and found My Chef. She also advised that if I knew what was good for me I would order from My Chef.
My Chef offers a selection of home cooked food that was easy to prepare and affordable. The meals were also healthy and there was even ready-made kiddies meals on the menu!
Well, I tend to listen to ol’ gran – she has been around so she knows her stuff. So I went online and boy was I impressed. I ordered ready roast pork loin with veg for the family, kiddies beef risoni casserole, meat balls and penne, beef lasagne, kiddies chicken strips,  jumbo cheesegrillers, and quesadillas. You may notice my selection covering themes from around the world, but I had to ensure there was something for everyone. Then the action began…
Day one: Thursday – moving the office – now my order was only being delivered Friday so this day didn’t go so well on the meal front. I ended up at Supermarket while juggling movers and children and calling the Telkom helpline…so it was a scramble. The queues were crazy, and I was franticly trying to get in and out of there in a limited time frame that was available to me… (Oh, the frustration!). I ended up with overcooked vegetables and a less than satisfying ready cooked chicken for the night – the family just picked at it and weren’t at all impressed. And the worst of it was that I spent over R250.00 and had to throw a lot of it away in the bin, another pet hate…Wastage.
Day Two: Friday – the big house move –  now I don’t recommend this to anyone even my worst enemy – it was a full day from 7am to 6pm – load after load after load…I was panicking – “what if I didn’t give the correct address details, what if I didn’t do the order properly”…well, I needn’t have worried because Florence nightingale of My Chef was soon on my door step with all my goodies. I could have kissed her. The food looked amazing – it really was one less thing to worry about and evening supper was a dream. Everyone tucked in with gusto! First meal up was the meatball penne pasta dish – now that there were options, little one decided to have her own special meal and stand out from the crowd. Her request was forQuasedillas the beef rissoni casserole…but she is a very fussy eater, so I was a little worried, but my gosh, she licked the bowl!
Day Three- Saturday  – came round quick enough and it was time to connect TVs, move furniture, hang curtains and lunch was again simple and so, so easy. I took out the ready-made meal comprising of quesadillas. A friend who was over helping said it reminded him of California – kudos My Chef. After working ourselves to the bone, dinner time was upon us and all I had to do was get the meal from my freezer, Beef lasagna – another home cooked winner.
Now Sunday was a day to actually take in the new home, after three days of being manic. It was awesome! Now when it comes to Sunday, I am not sure about you but Sunday is when my family prepares a home cooked meal for the whole family at lunchtime and spend some quality family time together. The ready roast pork loin with veg was just perfect, and I normally don’t like gravy, this was the real deal… not that salty processed variety. I decided to tuck the little remaining leftovers into Tupperware for my lunch the next day, before anyone noticed.
My Chef – you saved me and changed my perception on ready-made meal delivery. This for Durban is huge – and I will most definitely be ordering regularly cause life is just not slow paced any more…School holidays will soon be over and then the next mad rush begins – back to School. I’ll be back to tell that story soon.

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